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Deer cause a scene at Perkins in Shawano

SHAWANO (WAOW) - It was an unexpected dinner date, as two deer ran through the Perkins restaurant parking lot in Shawano Monday night.

"I was really scared," said Amanda Peppler, a server at the restaurant.

One deer kept going into the restaurant, creating quite a frenzy.

"I heard the glass shatter and I thought it was a gun shot, and then I saw a deer all the way through the glass," said Peppler.

Surveillance video shows the deer smashed through the window and pushed one of the benches aside. As fast as the deer rushed in, it was gone. It left customers and workers to figure out what happened.

"It was unbelievable, they were just running full speed," said Maranita Gretzinger, the kitchen manager.

Managers and workers are still trying to find out where the deer came from.

"There is some woods in the back, so they may have came from there,” said Gretzinger. “You know crossing from one side to the other, but just got lost."

"I find it kind of interesting that we live on the highway and the deer were still here," said Peppler.

Customers took the whole thing in stride.

"Then when it got in, it probably saw it was crowded and left it couldn't get a seat," said Dick Paddock of Shawano.

"They were making a lot of jokes with us afterward,” said Peppler. “So it was kind of a good entertaining night."

A night with two unexpected guests, that still have people talking.

Managers say one of the deer appeared hurt after running out of the restaurant. The animals ran off and they haven't been seen since.

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