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Some lakes are still ice-covered near Minocqua

MINOCQUA (WAOW) - It is spring in Wisconsin but in some parts of the Northwoods, lakes are still covered with ice, delaying the fishing season. 

"We're excited that we can feel that spring is on the horizon," said Kim Baltus, the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce executive director. “But on Lake Minocqua there still is ice on the majority of the center parts of the lake."

The ice kept some anglers from fishing last weekend - the opening of inland lakes season.

"We need the ice to go away, so people can get out there and get the walleyes and all kinds of fish," said Jim Stewart, owner of Rollie and Helen's Musky Shop.

Anglers are getting anxious, and the entire town is feeling the effects of the ice, Stewart said.

"The moods a little bit off you would say,” the bait shop owner said. “I think people want to get some warm weather so we can get some people up here and get people fishing again."

Bait shop owners say patience is key.

"They want to get out on the beautiful lakes and stuff too and the fishing will be good," said Stewart.

Anglers may be in luck.

"The shorelines are open and around bridges and docks and things," said Baltus.

It's a least some evidence that the Northwoods will soon see the full bloom of spring.

"I have seen people in shorts and flip flops already, so they're ready,” said Baltus. “They just need some sunny days and you'll see a lot of boat traffic as soon as that water opens up."

If weather trends continue, the chamber of commerce director predicts the ice will melt by this weekend but she says larger lakes such as Lake Tomahawk may take a little longer to thaw out.

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