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Ukraine prime minister pledges talks with eastern regions

Ukraine's acting prime minister is promising to hold talks with eastern regions of the country -- as pro-Russia insurgents in two of those regions declare independence in an effort to join Russia.
   But the Ukrainian official is giving no specifics of possible talks, and he's not addressing the results of yesterday's votes in the two regions. Organizers say voters were overwhelmingly in favor of sovereignty.
   The White House says the United States does not recognize the results of the balloting -- and that it's "disappointing" that Russia did not use its influence to stop the vote from happening.
   Russia, meanwhile, is indicating that it doesn't intend to annex eastern Ukraine the way it annexed Crimea in March. Instead, Russia is pushing to include eastern regions in negotiations on Ukraine's future. It suggests that Russia prefers a political rather than a military solution to its worst standoff with the West since the Cold War.
   National presidential elections are scheduled for May 25th in Ukraine.
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