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E-cigarette rules being ironed out in Stevens Point

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- There may be some new rules for electronic cigarettes.

The City of Stevens Point is looking into how to best deal with vapor bars.

Monday night, the city's public protection committee gave the city attorney some idea of what they'd want out of a licensing system for these new kinds of bars that people go to smoke e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are legal so the committee talked about regulating vapor bars, like any other legal business.

Vapor products are a substitute for smoking in which flavored nicotine water is vaporized by a device and inhaled.

Last month, the city officially defined a vapor bar. The city attorney says it's somewhere that sells e-cigarettes and related paraphernalia and also has seating available in 25% of the space.

"We license our pizza joints, our ice cream places, our car dealerships," said Mike Wiza of the public protection committee. "Those things have licenses just, so we know who's doing what and we have the ability to inspect them for safety."

Some retail vapor store owners say they wouldn't have a problem with having to get a license or permit.

"I don't mind having to get a conditional use permit if necessary," said Jason Mattison, the owner of Point Vaper. "I don't understand exactly why they would need one but I'm not going to put up a big fuss with the city."

The city attorney says technically no vapor bars exist in Stevens Point yet, although they have had interest from some people possibly looking to open one.

For now though, the city attorney says he has what he needs to begin determining a set of guidelines for how vapor bars can be licensed.

City leaders will take up the issue again next month.

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