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UPDATE: Mother speaks out after son's arrest

A mother helped Wausau police track down her son after an attempted break in at a grocery store and high speed chase that ended in a crash.

Her son, 18-year old Kirklan Goodwin, faces felony charges now.

Cherrel Goodwin says she was asleep when her son stole her car and crashed it. She says an officer came to her door to ask if she knew where he was.

"I was frightened, I didn't know. You know, when you hear your son's in a high speed chase and he's almost head on with a cop because he's going down a one way street I guess, it's the fear of him hurting himself or him hurting someone else," said Cherrel Goodwin.

According to a criminal complaint, Kirklan Goodwin led police on a chase after trying to break into Kohlman and Lee's IGA grocery store on South 3rd Avenue.

Police say nothing was taken but when officers showed up at the grocery store they say Goodwin and another teenager drove off.

At times, investigators say the chase reached speeds of 80 miles an hour in a residential area.

Police say Goodwin's passenger got out at an intersection.

The pursuit ended when Wausau officers say Goodwin crashed through a fence in the Great Dane parking lot.

Wausau police say they contacted Cherrel after they ran the license plates on the car.

"We called the registered owner of the vehicle and the registered owner said they had spoken with their son," said Capt. Greg Hagenbucher with the Wausau Police Department.

"I said, 'Where are you? Are you safe? Are you hurt?' And he said, 'No, I hurt my leg, my leg's going numb,'" said Cherrerl Goodwin.

Cherrel says her son told her he was at Home Depot with a hurt leg.

"He said he injured it when he hit the chain linked fence but he also injured his leg when he was jumping the fence, crossing the highway heading over to Home Depot," said Capt. Hagenbucher.

Responding officers say that's exactly where they found him.

He told investigators that he wanted to give the money from the burglary to his mom for rent.

"I have no clue where he even got that. Ya, money's tight but money's tight everywhere, not everybody goes out and robs somebody," said Cherrel Goodwin.

Goodwin was treated at a hospital and then jailed. He remained in custody Friday night. He is facing charges of attempted burglary, fleeing and officer, and resisting arrest.

His 16 year-old passenger was also arrested. Since he is a minor, his name is not being released.


WAUSAU (WAOW) - An 18-year-old man will appear in Marathon County court Friday, after Wausau Police say he broke into a grocery store with a teenager and ran away from police.

Investigators say the call came in just before 2:00 a.m. Friday. They say there were reports someone was breaking into Kohlman's IGA on South 3rd Avenue.

Capt. Greg Hagenbucher says when officers arrived, two suspects drove away in a car. Hagenbucher says the car stopped in a parking lot at 1st Avenue and Stewart Avenue, when the 16-year-old passenger got out and ran away. Officials say he was arrested around 3:30 a.m. at his home.

Police say the officers continued to chase the driver throughout the city. They say the suspect ended up crashing the car in the Great Dane parking lot.

Authorities say 18-year-old Kirklan Goodwin ran away on foot, but was found a short time later with a broken foot. They say he was arrested and taken to the hospital and then transported to jail.

Goodwin is expected in court at 2:00 Friday afternoon.

Investigators say an air soft pistol was found in the car.

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