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Central Wisconsin is seeing road damages from winter


Demanding and frustrating are two words that Water Superintendent for Wisconsin Rapids, Dale Scheunemann, used to describe this past winter.

While the rest of Wisconsin is slowly transitioning into spring, city workers are now having to patch up the holes that were left behind.

Public Works Superintendent for Wisconsin Rapids, Jim Borski tells us, "We've done our first round of clean up and repair we had a contractor come in and replace a lot of concrete in one small stretch of our express way through town, but there is still a lot more to do."

Borski says how much more the brutal winter will cost the city has not been totaled yet, but he did tell us that repairing just one damaged road joint can cost $800.00.

Borski explained where the money will be coming from to pay for repairs. "We have some budget money left over from our concrete repairs that we are going to spend" he said. "We are talking about possibly transferring out of our contingency to do some more if need be."

He says that given the extra costs, the city is starting to discuss the need to raise taxes next year to cover winter damages.

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