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Teens prepare for summer jobs


School is almost out for many highschoolers in central Wisconsin.

But for some, summertime isn't just about the free time. Instead, it's about making money.

Woodson YMCA Aquatics Director Lori Kleist says about 50 people will train to become lifeguards throughout the season.

She says lifeguarding continues to be a popular summer job.

"Lifeguarding is a really good job to learn responsibility, also communications, customer service," said Kleist.

But getting certified is only the first step.

"I'm looking to apply for a summer job either here at the YMCA or at an outdoor pool," said Miranda Klos, a lifeguard hopeful.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of employed young people increases during the summer months.

Last April, about 17 million people aged 16 to 24 had a job.

In July, that number jumped to more than 19 million.

While some are still working on lining up their interviews, others already have a summer job in place.

Some highschoolers work at Greenwood Hills Country Club in Wausau during the summer.

Workers there say they enjoy the perks of having a job.

"You have extra money, keeps you busy, no trouble," said Miles Whitaker, a golf cart attendant.

They say the work also teaches them valuable skills.

"You learn hard work and dedication," said Emmett Stifler, a poolside bartender. "It teaches you when you could just be waking up late everyday that if you put forth the effort that you can get a lot of things done."

Some highschoolers say they have another reason to get a summer job. They hope it looks good on a resume or college application.

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