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Elementary students learn about agriculture on the farm

The Spencer FFA taught third and fourth graders about agriculture by giving the students a hands-on experience.  Newsline 9 joined the lessons to learn more about the annual event.

Spencer FFA members prepared a full day of activities for elementary students about the importance of farming, how to be safe on a farm, and the process of growing food.

"We teach farm, animal, sun, and machinery safety," said Ashley Zimmerman, an FFA member.  "We're just teaching them how to be safe on the farm.  And then the Food for America programs; we teach them about where their food is coming from, and we have peanuts to peanut butter and Wisconsin dairy products."

Elementary students participated in 20 minute stations.  They jumped throught food pyramid hoola hoops, practiced making peanut butter and orange juice, and even got to ride on a tractor to tour the farm.  During the past two years, the Spencer FFA has used one farm in particular to host the event.

"The University of Wisconsin-Marshfield Agricultural Research Station has a rich history of inviting students and educators to use their facilities, to our facilities, to use as an educational format," said Nancy Esser, the farm faciliatator.  "We have not only the dairy component, but the research component that's really important for our community to know about."

FFA members plan the presentations, gather the supplies, set up the stations on the farm, and cook lunch for everyone involved.  This day on the farm isn't just fun for the elementary students; it's a favorite event for the FFA members.

"I really like presenting to the kids because it just goes to show how much kids can learn from having an on-farm experience," said Andrew Seefeldt, another FFA member.  "This morning, out of all the groups, I think we took a poll and there was maybe three kids that lived on a farm, and those kids knew a lot, but the other kids didn't know quite as much.  I hope they're taking it home and sharing it with the friends and family."

Elementary students got to taste test different Wisconsin products while also learning the impact agriculture has on our lives.
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