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National CPR Awareness Week

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MARSHFIELD (WAOW) - National CPR Awareness Week has begun. It is in place to make people more aware of what to do in an emergency. A Marshfield school is making the training a priority for students.
Health officials say having the proper CPR training could save a life.
"It's good to have someone train you personally, which will allow you to know the appropriate technique and enhance the possibility of survival," said Dr. Peter Smith, a cardiology electrophysiologist at Marshfield Clinic.
Columbus High School in Marshfield has teamed up with the Marshfield Clinic to make becoming CPR certified a possibility during the students' junior year.
"For being in school you actually learn a useful skill that you can apply to your life," said Evan Hansen, student.
Health care professionals say that if a bystander begins CPR right away, a victim's chance of survival goes up two to three times.
"It's a way to save a life in the community, you can save a life by knowing CPR," said Smith.
Congress designated CPR Awareness Week in 2008. People are urged to become certified to keep their loved ones safe.
"Eighty-eight percent of cardiac arrests happen in the home and only about a third of them get bystander CPR," said Suzanne Moertl, the Clinical Staff Educator at Marshfield Clinic.
Columbus High students say becoming CPR certified gives them confidence that they would know what to do in an emergency.
"I like knowing that if something were to come up, I could help them and not stand there helpless," said Catherine Anderson, a student.
The Marshfield Clinic provides CPR training for many businesses and schools throughout the area.
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