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81-year-old strawberry farmer celebrates 50th anniversary

Most people hope to retire and relax when they're 81 years old, but one central Wisconsin farmer has no plans of slowing down. Harold Altenburg has been planting, growing, and selling strawberries almost his entire life.

"I think when I was born, my dad put a little bit of dirt underneath my fingernails," said Altenburg. "So I would be doing what I'm doing now."

This year marks the 50th anniversary for his strawberry farm, Altenburg Country Gardens, located on Plover Road in Wisconsin Rapids. This milestone doesn't mean though that Altenburg plans on leaving his farm. 

"I have to have something more exciting in my life," said Altenburg. "They'll find me out here with a hoe in my hand probably, some place, but I intend to continue."

Through trial and error, Altenburg has tested different techniques to grow the berries during harsh winters.

"The technology we have; reasearchers spend years to develop one variety of strawberries," said Altenburg.

The Altenburg farm has grown other fruits and vegetables in the past five decades, but strawberries are the fruit they are most passionate about producing.

"I love strawberries," said Altenburg. "I could eat strawberries 365 days a year, and maybe even a little bit more than that.  There's something about the aroma and the flavor."

If you would like more information about strawberry picking at Altenburg's Country Gardens, visit their Facebook page with this link:
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