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Schools say attempted murder case highlights need for online monitoring

WAUSAU (WAOW)--Waukesha investigators say the two 12-year old girls arrested for allegedly stabbing a friend 19-times were trying to impress a fictional online character known as Slender Man.

Authorities say the girls believed Slender Man was real and they learned about him on a web site called Creepypasta.

A blog released on the web site Tuesday said it was "about literature and not a satanic cult."
Technology experts say the case is a reminder to parents that they need to monitor their children and their online activities.

"It is a good idea to talk about what social media you want your kids to use and when. Also, keep computers in a central location so you can stop in and ask them to show you what they are doing. Filtering software and parental controls are a must," said Keshia Mashak who is a computer expert with the Wausau School District.

Mashak says the Wausau school computers block the Creepypasta web site and parents need to determine which site they find appropriate for their children at home.

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