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What's with all the bears?

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Lions, tigers, and...

We all know what comes next: bears. It seems they're roaming around central Wisconsin in full force.

No one likes an unexpected visitor, especially when it's eight feet tall and hairy. During the last week, there have been a bundle of bear sightings in central Wisconsin.

Matt Brockman, a Wausau firefighter, took a cell phone video of a black bear passing by the Wausau Police Department.

“I'm guessing he was looking for donuts,” joked Brockman.

In Wisconsin Rapids, a giant black bear was seen out for a stroll.

The most recent sighting was in the Town of Maine. A viewer captured a mother and her three cubs enjoying breakfast.

Jeff Traska is the owner of the Wisconsin Black Bear Education Center in Wausau. He says the furry friends are out looking for food.

“The mother bear kicks out her cubs,” explained Traska. “So now, there's a lot of juvenile type bears that are like, 'Why now mom? Why are you throwing me out?' "

So, what can you do to keep these unwanted guests away? First, experts say keep your food to yourself. Second, store trash cans indoors. And, set up bird feeders away from your house.

“When you hear a bear make a gasping noise that's them thinking 'Oh my God! I'm going to die right now.'  It's not an aggressive sound,"  explained Traska.

Still, if the thought of an encounter with one of these big guys is too much to bear, Traska has some tips. He says, don't run away, instead move calmly and make sure they know you're there.

"That's by talking, clapping your hands, whistling,” said Traska.

Another trick, he says, throw things.

“It makes them know you're there,” said Traska. “You may see them licking their lips, then they're aware that you're there. That's not an oh you taste good look.”

Its more like, I've got my eyes on your bird seed.

To learn more about the Wisconsin Black Bear Education Center in Wausau click here: http://www.wisconsinblackbears.com/

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