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Handmade quilt helps celebrate Lake Tomahawk's centennial


One hundred years ago people in Lake Tomahawk would pay ten cents to have their names stitched into a quilt."They would take a square of muslin, usually 12 inches by 12 inches," said Darlene Neumann, the quilt maker. "Then they would make a pie shape on it, and they would have people with a pencil sign a section of the pie with their name."

This woman collected fabric blocks with hundreds of community members' signatures on them, then stitched the names in red. She sewed the blocks together to make a quilt for the centennial celebration this summer.

"We had the blocks down at Lakeland True Value Store," said Neumann. "People could pick one up or just go in with a pencil, pay ten cents, like it was a hundred years ago, and put their name on the block."

The quilt has sentimental meaning to the town of Lake Tomahawk.

"We put the centennial, '1914 to 2014', and 'Lake Tomahawk Centennial Celebration' on the quilt," said Neumann. "The turkey red is traditional. It's the second oldest dye known to mankind."

Neumann said a quilt with so many different handwritten signatures takes a long time to finish. "I worked from 9 in the morning till 10:30 at night for three months."

Even though it was a time consuming project, Neumann knew it was worth the effort for the future of Lake Tomahawk.

"People have fun looking for themselves and remembering that 100 years ago, this is what we did," said Neumann.

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