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Bug spray in high demand during Wausau's mosquito season

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Mosquito season is in full swing and many people are trying to keep those pesky insects away.

Bug spray has been a hot seller in several Wausau stores.

Managers at Menards say the shelves can barely be restocked fast enough and there are no signs of slowing down.

Melissa Vanderkooy of Eland described a recent camping trip she was on.

"I was just losing my mind from all the bugs and had Off repellent all over me but you're spraying at least once an hour," she said.

It's been that kind of spring.

"It was absolutely terrible," said Vanderkooy. "I was walking and I still have bites on my feet from my flip-flops and I had welts on my legs."

Lisa Sommers of Plover says she had plans to hike up Rib Mountain but decided to go back once she got out of the car and felt the bugs.

Stores that sell bug spray are trying to keep up.

"All the repellent has been flying off the shelves really fast," said Mike Gertz, an assistant general manager at Menards.

"We're on our second full order," said Shepherd & Schaller's store manager Seth Alwin. "We sold through completely and we're on our second shipment now of the season."

Some shoppers say they've had trouble finding bug spray to keep mosquitoes at bay.

"We actually went over to Walmart and they're out so we drove up [to Menards] to find bug spray," Sommers said.

She's heard similar stories from friends.

"There were people who were just, I don't want to say mobbing, but yeah, buying it out," said Sommers.

Gertz says he's lost count of how many times they've restocked Menards bug spray shelves.

"Demand has been really high for the start of the season so hopefully the mosquitoes are going away but we'll keep filling the shelves if need be," he said.

At least one person was able to find a silver lining to mosquito season.

"We've been selling more this year for sure, but it's a great sign that people are outside and enjoying the weather," Alwin said.

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