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Outdoors with Lauren: Whitewater Kayaking


Here in Wisconsin we're blessed with thousands of lakes and rivers. To enjoy them kayaking all you need is a boat, paddle and life jacket. You can do anything from relaxing on a backwater slew or blast through some thrilling whitewater. On this weeks Outdoors with Lauren I do a little of both.

The Butt family from Divepoint Scuba and Adventure Center start me out on some calm water to learn the basics. The first step is getting me in the right sized boat for what kind of water we'll be enjoying

Carrie Butt says, "There are so many different sizes, cause there are so many different sized bodies of water, and there are so many different sizes of people. A small boat with a large person can easily swamp and become dangerous."

Last year more than 300 paddlers from 28 different countries came to kayak the Wausau Whitewater Course, and I didn't last a second. After a worst case scenario first try, and some much needed instruction; I give the whitewater another shot and successfully make it down.

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