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Fans watch US take on Belgium in World Cup

WAUSAU (WAOW) - The World Cup brought out some soccer fever for fans here in central Wisconsin. Many fans say this sport is something they usually don't follow until now. But that's not the case for some local soccer coaches.

"This is our national holiday," said Kurt Kollross, the DC Everest girls soccer coach.

"This is the biggest event going on in the world right now,” said Brady Mesenberg, the Wausau West soccer coach. “Even though it may not be the biggest event in Wausau it's definitely the biggest thing around the world over the next couple of weeks."

The coaches say all this attention is bringing more people to sign up for leagues and teams here in central Wisconsin.

"Every couple of years you definitely see a spike of interest in it," said Kollross.

"We'll definitely see a spike in our youth soccer numbers,” said Mesenberg.

The younger group is the crowd these coaches are hoping watch the cup, just like them.

"The younger generation is definitely in tune with what's going on with social media and all of that," said Kollross.

"Little kids 5, 6, 7 that don't know a lot about are going to see it over the next couple of weeks," said Mesenberg.

Something these coaches say can inspire children--to be part of their teams in the future.

"It's great to have soccer on a big stage like this where others can maybe see the true passion that us soccer fanatics have," said Kollross.
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