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Cars take the hit during Wausau demolition derby

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A demolition derby in Wausau Sunday gave fans quite the show.

Hundreds of people came out to see the winners from Saturday's derby compete.

"Who doesn't like going and smashing something up on purpose?" said Steve Kummer, the derby's organizer with Destructive Behavior Motorsports.

For one proud father, it was a family affair.

Dan Michael Mecikalski of Hayward could barely sit still watching his son Tim compete.

"I watched my son kick butt," he said. "First year out there doing it. He rocked."

As exciting as watching the derby was, Mecikalski says he was a little uneasy in the audience because he knows firsthand how dangerous the sport can be.

"The last time I did it they hauled me off in an ambulance, and I was temporarily paralyzed."

Mecikalski's driving days may be over, but he says his love for the sport has simply taken on a new form.

"I'm just very proud to be down here," he said. "I'm proud of my son. I'm so proud of him."

He says he saw shades of his own competitive self in his son.

"In the eyes," Mecikalski said. "He goes mental, he gets so hyped up. In the pit crew, we get him pumped. Just keep smacking him around, pumping him up."

Toughness like that is what organizers say it takes to succeed.

"It's a battle to the end," Kummer said. "The last man standing wins. It's excitement."

They say the feeling of getting behind the wheel during a derby is unrivaled.

"It's a rush. It's a big rush," said Kummer. "I don't care who you are, you're nervous before it starts. As soon as it starts and you get that first hit, it's on."

Drivers say that rush and that feeling, is why they compete.

For the 35 of them this weekend, they got what they came for.

Organizers say a total of $3500 in prize money was given out to the derby winners.

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