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Outdoors with Lauren: School Forest

A Central Wisconsin camp is taking students out of the classroom and into the outdoors to help them appreciate our environment. On this weeks outdoors with Lauren, I joined the class for a hands on experience in the woods.

Bruce Krueger's middle school class is at the D.C. Everest School Forest for an environmental camp, he says it's all about helping the kids find an emotional connection to nature.

"Basically just to enrich their experience and what it means to be a good stewart of the environment and also to develop a land ethic as well."

A more traditional approach may have these children learning in a classroom from a text book, but spending time in nature seems to spark students creativity.

Michael Brierton a 10 year old student says, "You can look at it fully, because in the classroom you can only have so much page space, here you're unlimited.  You can see everything that's going on."

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