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Common core standards being questioned in Wisconsin

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) - Governor Scott Walker is trying to get rid of some standards that set requirements for what is taught in grade-school classrooms. But some school administrators in central Wisconsin disagree and defend the common core standards.

Common core is a set of English and Math standards that explain what students should know and when.

"I want high standards,” said Walker. “I just want those standards to be set in Wisconsin."

Governor Walker wants common core out of Wisconsin.

"Put together a group of professionals school board members, parents folks in higher education, all of whom would help put the specifics together," said Walker.

He hopes others in the state are on board.

"I’ve heard from school board members, from teachers, from other educators, parents and taxpayers alike all across the state who said I don't like the idea of someone outside of the state setting our standards," said Walker.

Some educators disagree with Walker.

"Kids need that and I think they're challenged with those things as well so I look at it as a good thing," said Jeff Reiche, the principal at Marathon Elementary School.

The principal says common core standards are actually helping his school.

"It's giving us a sense of hey we really need to find creative ways to teach these things, and I think it's changed its practice and advanced our practice," said Reiche.

He doesn't think a different set of standards would help schools.

"We're throwing a lot of money away throwing these standards out, and the next round of building them might cost millions more, and for the little difference there's going to be I just think it's a total waste," said Reiche.

The republican state senate leader says replacing the common core standards as Walker wants will be difficult.

The standards were adopted by state superintendent Tony Evers in 2010 and state testing geared toward them starts next year. Evers defended the change Friday, saying it is time to keep politics out of the classroom.

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