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Wisconsin Rapids police bring awareness to dangers of leaving children in hot cars

WISCONSIN RAPIDS (WAOW) - Summer is in full swing, and central Wisconsin is feeling the heat. That hot sun can make cars a hot spot.

Officials are reminding parents to be safe in this heat, and to make sure not to leave a child in a hot car.

Some officials did a test to raise awareness.

"We want to make sure people do not leave their kids sitting in their car not even for a minute," said Lieutenant Brian Krzykowski of the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department.

Lieutenant Krzykowski sat inside his car for a half hour with the windows up and no air conditioning. Both temperatures were tested every five minutes. As the time increased, so did the temperature inside the car.

"We're at our ten minute mark here and my internal thermometer reads 88 to 89 degrees," said Krzykowski inside the car.

The internal thermometer kept going up. When the half hour mark hit, it was 86 degrees outside. But the inside of the car was 104 degrees.

A sweating Krzykowski's internal temperature and blood pressure also increased. He said for a child left inside a hot car, those effects would be even worse.

"They could be two to three times more susceptible because they don't have the lung capacity we do or the ability to cool ourselves," said Krzykowski.

But he says there are ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

"Look, lever, leave,” said Krzykowski. “Look in your back seat to make sure your children aren't sitting in your back seat and before you leave your vehicle."

Health officials also have ways to remind parents.

"You can put your purse or your cell phone, some people I’ve even heard take off their left shoe in the back seat to remind themselves," said Ty Zastava, the safe kids wood county coordinator.

Officials say they hope this test never becomes a reality.

The lieutenant says to call your local law enforcement if you see a child left in a hot car.
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