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Outdoors with Lauren: Trap Perfection


Nobody is perfect, but it is possible for someone to have a perfect performance. It happens maybe once in a lifetime or a generation. On this weeks Outdoors with Lauren I bring you a story about perfection.

For three generations shooting trap has been tradition for the Giese family. What happens at the trap club is the core of healthy competition between Jody and his two sons.

"It's a rivalry every time we go out, and who can shoot the best. I've been fortunate enough to be the top gun, so it's usually the two boys who are arguing between the two of them. I beat you this time, and back and forth that way."

Jody Giese was able to accomplish a feat his trap club has never seen before. He shot 18 straight rounds. That's 450 straight targets without missing.

"I knew I could put together a good streak, but never did I think I'd be able to put together all 18 rounds and do 450, but just great concentration this year and everything just went very well for me."

His father Hi-d says it's an incredible accomplishment, "For someone to just hammer them all it's just unbelievable. That's like a golfer that hits a hole in one. That's luck. You cant do that every time, but he did it every time. A golfer would have to do it 18 times in a row. It would never happen. I'm really proud."

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