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Northwoods League: A DeJong Duo


Woodchucks slugger Paul DeJong leads the Northwoods League in home runs this year, but in Tuesday night's All-Star Home Run Challenge, it wasn't all about seeing how many long balls he could hit.

For Keith and Paul DeJong, baseball is more than just a sport, it's a tradition. Keith coached Paul's teams until he reached high school, but their relationship through baseball hasn't faded.

"He's been there every step of the way with me, since I was four years old, coaching me. Now he's more of a mentor," said the Woodchucks infielder. "He's someone I can talk to about my at-bats, what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right."

"Paul and I have always been really close," Keith raved. "A big part of our relationship is the baseball field."

When Paul was 12-years-old, he won his first home run derby in Cooperstown, New York, with his dad pitching to him.

After being selected to hit in the Northwoods Home Run Challenge, Paul chose his father to be the one throwing him strikes, just like old times.

"Other than my age now, I don't throw as well as I used to, it was actually good and brought back some good memories," smiled Keith.

"I was trying to get in that mindset again, to remember what it felt like to be out there and win it all," said Paul.

Unfortunately the father-son duo couldn't stack up to the victory in Cooperstown. Although another memory was made, the two couldn't help but be critical of their performance.

"I was a little pumped up with adrenaline so the pitches were a little too high," admitted Keith.

"I was just happy for him to be out there but we thought we could've done this, we could've done that," said Paul. "As perfectionists we're trying to get better. Maybe there'll be another one down the line and we'll get another crack at it."

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