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Wausau man breaks world record

 A central Wisconsin TV host turned his passion into a world record. Patrick Eger of Wausau shattered a fishing record using archery equipment.

He shot a 544-pound shark off the coast of southern California and captured it all on camera.

June 15th 2014, a day Patrick Eger will never forget. 

"We had done the research, we knew that the world record was attainable," said Eger.

Eger was on the hunt for a large Mako shark just off the coast of Catalina Island.

"We knew there were big sharks out there," said Eger.

About two or three days in he spotted a large shark. With his bow in hand, he shot it.

"Well the world record was 233-pounds and the shark that I shot was 544-pounds," said Eger.

Eger says he fought the shark for about 2 hours.

"This is all there was after I shot the shark while I fought it," he said.

A battle he says worth fighting for.

"It's the first record book animal that I actually have taken the time to put in the records," said Eger.

Eger received two certificates for his catch.

"I have a certificate for the world record and I have a certificate for the California state record," said Eger.

Eger has a lot of hunting experience under his belt. He hosts a central Wisconsin based hunting television show and he owns Big E Outfitters in Cedar Creek Mall in Rothschild. Now he's known for breaking a world record. Something he says is an amazing accomplishment.

"Not everything we do that's exciting is a world record but some of it is a little more adrenaline packed, it's always breakable and we're hoping that we can inspire some people as well to try and break this record," said Eger.

Eger says he kept some of the meat but donated the rest. He says the skin and jaws of the shark will be mounted.

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