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Almost five tons of corn eaten at Waupaca County corn roast

SCANDINAVIA (WAOW) -- A small town in Waupaca County has one big tradition.

The population sign at the edge of the Village of Scandinavia says 363.

But this weekend, that number's not completely accurate.

"We will probably have about 5,000 people here today," said Mitchell Swenson, the president of Scandinavia's booster club.

The one thing bringing them together? Corn.

Scandinavia's annual corn roast has been going on for 46 years.

"Seven cobs is my limit," said Debbie Danielson of Waupaca.

Dawson Marsten of Scandinavia says last year he ate 12 and brought four home.

The roast has a formula. Organizers say the day always starts bright and early.

"The corn was actually picked fresh this morning in Waupaca," Swenson said.

Then it's hauled up to Scandinavia.

And there's a lot of it. Swenson says they cook close to five tons of corn.

Once it arrives, the volunteer cooks get to work.

"They load up the racks on the charcoal grill, a few minutes on each side, dump them in baskets and ready for the customers to take, butter them up and enjoy," said Swenson.

The line rarely dies down.

"[They're] juicy and good tasting," said Village President David Mork. "People just keep getting in line and keep grabbing and filling themselves up with it."

"Always have to have the dipped butter in the cans," Danielson said. "I mean, where else do you get melted, dipped butter in metal cans?"

One person you won't find by the grill is the man in charge of the whole roast.

"You're going to find this probably an oxymoron, but actually I do not eat corn," Swenson said.

But you don't need to be eating to appreciate what this event means to this small community.

"A lot of people that used to live here come back for this weekend and it's like a big family reunion in a way," said Swenson.

"It's very messy, but it's worth it for one day," Danielson said.

It cost $5 to get into the all-you-can-eat roast.

Organizers say the money goes to village organizations like the fire department and library, as well as high school scholarships.
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