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Days Inn for sale

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A deal is in the works that could save the Days Inn in Wausau months after a fire ripped through the hotel. It's sat vacant since the December blaze.

For months this hotel has sat with no guests, and a giant hole in the roof.

“It has been an eye sore in the community,” said Ann Werth, Wausau community development.

But, a deal could be in the works to change that.

A brokerage company out of California has packaged the Days Inn with 13 other hotels across the Midwest. They've opened it up for bids to buy it.

“We contacted some people who could have potentially be interested in the building to keep it on the private sector side,” explained Werth.

The hotel became vacant after a fire ripped through the 1st and 2nd floors back in December. The fire was ultimately ruled accidental.

According to public records from the State Fire Marshall, multiple companies had insurance policies on the hotel when it went up in flames. It had recently entered foreclosure. Now, it is owned by a bank.

Wausau community development leaders say if it's sold, it will benefit the entire community.

“With all of the things going on in the community, the ski hill, the curling club, the soccer fields opening up, hotel rooms are at a premium, especially during the winter months. So, it would be great if someone would come in and fix it up,” said Werth.

Newsline 9 reached out to the brokerage company for more information about the sale. Officials said they had no comment at this time. It's unclear whether the damaged hotel can be repaired or must be torn down and replaced.

"We haven't heard back yet if there received any potential buyers for the area,” said Werth.

But, city leaders are optimistic a sale will happen, and the doors will be open once again.

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