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Teacher loses weight from eating 540 McDonald's meals


A teacher from Iowa challenged his students to design his diet plan about a year ago, but the food they had to design the diet around isn't your typical health food.

Rather than dieting with fruits and veggies, he lost weight from eating fast food from McDonald's.

"This basically was a simple experiment to make sure that we could teach the kids how to use critical thinking skills in determining the right types of foods to eat," said John Cisna, the Iowa high school educator.

Now, Cisna travels the country to share his experience. "You see this project isn't about McDonald's, this project isn't about John Cisna; this project is one that helped kids develop the critical thinking skills in making choices about what they eat," he said during his presentation.

The students had to design a diet plan where Cisna only ate 2,000 calories a day. For the first three months, he walked 45 minutes a day. As he lost weight, he changed his workout plan. After 90 days, his students had to combine McDonald's fatty foods like Big Macs and quarter pounders. Today, Cisna is 62 pounds lighter, his cholesterol has lowered 79 points, and his blood pressure is 121 over 78. He still eats McDonald's at least once a day, but he doesn't market McDonald's as a diet plan.

"I wouldn't advise anybody eat McDonald's everyday," he said.

He says its up to you to decide what you are putting into your body.

"The point of this experiment is showing that, it's not the fast food industry that's getting us in the shape we are today," said Cisna. "It's our choices of those foods that get us in the position we are today."

"It's not where you eat, but what you eat, and how much you ultimately choose to eat," said Kristina Schoh, a spokesperson of Courtesy Corporation McDonald's.

Audience members agreed.

"I've lost 45 pounds in a year myself and I still eat out, but you gotta make the choice," said Whitney Fude, a family and consumer sciences teacher after she watched Cisna's presentation.

Cisna says he will go back to the diet if he gains weight again. Cisna ate 540 McDonald's meals during the experiment. He says a production company in California is in the works of making a documentary on his journey. His team hopes for that to be ready in September. 

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