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WIAA football practice kicks off with new rules and regulations


Monday was the first day of WIAA football practice, and a few teams got their preseason's started bright and early with morning practices.

But with a new season, comes some new rules and new changes for student athletes.

Although these rules were passed during the offseason, with Monday being the first day of practice, teams are now getting the experience of adapting to the changes.

The WIAA's practice regulations start on day one, with only helmets and mouth guards being permitted. On the third day, shoulder pads are allowed, but full equipment cannot be worn until week two of practice.

In an attempt to prevent heat illness, preseason practices are being limited to a maximum of three hours with a required 30-minute recovery period and two-a-day's are only allowed every other day.

"We changed our practice format last year so we would be ready for this year with the three hours and the heat acclimatization," said Wausau West head coach Kevin Grundy. "That's why we go early morning."

"I do understand that you have to limit practice time and things, but we're also in north central Wisconsin and we don't have that many hot days," said first-year Wausau East head coach Tom Tourtillott. "People that are more powerful than me made those decisions and we're gonna follow the rules."

The WIAA has also passed a contact bylaw that limits teams to only drill contact until the second week of practice. During that week, teams are only allowed 75 minutes of full contact over the span of six practice days. Starting with week three of practice, that time limit is dropped to just 60 minutes of full contact per week for the rest of the season.

"It won't effect us at all because we never had any contact on Monday or Thursday," said 40th-year Edgar head coach Jerry Sinz. "We'll get a half hour on Tuesday and a half hour on Thursday and that'll be fine with us."

"I don't think it's going to affect our teaching of tackling," said Wausau East senior linebacker Matt Grady. "There's a lot of things we can do without actually bringing someone to the ground with contact. When we do get to the full contact tackling I think we'll be able to incorporate a lot of the things we've learned with non-contact."


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