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Mixed opinions on new WIAA football practice regulations


The new changes to high school football practices have gotten different reviews throughout the local football community. Newsline 9 caught up with several teams on the first day of practice, and the opinions out there are a bit mixed.

The WIAA's new rules have left some local coaches with certain feelings toward the regulations.

"I'm not necessarily in agreement," said Wausau West head coach Kevin Grundy. "But we don't do that much hitting during the week at all anyway."

"It's a little frustrating at the start but we'll figure it. We're all in the same boat now," said Amherst head coach Mark Lusic. "You can't do much about it. It's just kind of hard that we're being told when you can practice and when you can't, which is frustrating but as I said, we'll work with it. We'll be okay."

The reason for establishing the new regulations is to keep the student-athletes safe from injury.

"Coach Sinz gave us a talk," said Edgar senior linebacker Caleb Wolf. "I mean, more guys are getting injured in car crashes on the way to school than in football. I think the rules are good and we're set to go."

"We can't afford to get anyone injured in practice," said Newman Catholic head coach Paul Michlig. "We're going full speed but we're not making that contact like maybe some other programs are."

While some coaches and players may disagree with the changes, they know it's best for everyone to follow the rules.

"It's not Tom Tourtillott's rules, it's the rules that have been set forth," said the first-year Wausau East head coach. "We're going to follow the rules because if we're really mentoring kids to do the right thing, then we as coaches have to do the right thing and that means following the laws that are established."

Preseason practice will continue for the next couple weeks. The first week of the regular season is August 22nd.

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