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Students learn about Hmong culture at camp


More than one hundred Wausau area students are spending part of their summer learning about the Hmong culture.

"For the second week, we decided to take the kids out to the school forest just to be able to give them a really outdoor experience," said Yauo Yang, the co-director of Camp Phoojywg-Friend.

Camp Phoojywg-Friend brings the Hmong Heritage to younger generations.

"We say goodbye like, we say it like sib ntsib dua," said one elementary student.

"And hello is nyob zoo," said another elementary student.

"I can introduce myself in Hmong," said Kiran Errkschroeder, a seventh grader. "Nyob zoo kuv lub npe yog Kiran."

The directors say people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds are welcome to come to the camp to learn about the hmong culture.

"You know, we're becoming more diverse, and communities are becoming more diverse, so all the more reason," said Maysee Yang Herr. "I've had non-Hmong parents who have said this is good for my child."

"I've traveled several countries in my life, and I find that having my children interact with other culture groups helps them," said Shawn Bassett, a volunteer parent . "Especially, in these formative years, become much better people as they grow up and become adults."

"I think it's fun to learn the Hmong games and words, and just the culture," said Errkschroeder.

"Because the Hmong are people without a country it's important, if we want to keep the culture and the language alive is that, to find that part of their history," said Yang Herr. "So this is a way for us to keep the culture, and the language alive."

"You know, all of us are different parts of the community," said Yauo Yang. "But together we're really important and we need to work together just like out in the real community."


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