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Good Samaritans help crash victims

Officials are commending good Samaritans who stepped in to help while first responders were on the way to a deadly crash in Marathon County Friday.

The crash happened about 10 a.m. near the intersection of state Highway 52 and County Y, the Marathon County Sheriff's Department said.

Neighbors say the fatal rollover was followed by a desperate knock at the door.

"All of a sudden, three young kids come piling in and they said 'help us, help us, we need help, a car just flipped over,'" said Margorie Southworth who lives near the crash site, in the Town of Easton.

The Sourthworths rushed to help the young victims.

"Complete chaos. There were kids all over the place and they were crying and just, just hysterical," said Marjorie Southworth.

Nearby neighbors were desperate to comfort the teens.

"Water and juice and blankets, and I gave out a few hugs too and that's what they needed," said Southworth.

Other passerbies stepped in to help in any way they could.

"Two were doing CPR, one was trying to console the driver, one was helping them call parents."

Now, officials are thanking them for their heroic acts.

"My hat's off to the people who stopped and offered help," said Lt. Ted Knoeck with the Marathon County Sheriff's Department. "Sometimes we don't see that or people don't want to stop. But there were a lot of people today that did an outstanding job if stopping and helping them on the scene and they did an incredible job."

Some of those good Samaritans returned to the scene Friday night to pay their respects. Some left a wreath say it was the least they could do after witnessing such a tragedy.

Each witness credited the others who lent a hand in a time of need.

"I was thankful because it was something that I couldn't necessarily do, but it was very heartwarming to see there were capable people just helping out and it just jump right in and do something," said Southworth.

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