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Thousands attend Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Portage County

PORTAGE COUNTY (WAOW) - This year's Wisconsin Farm Technology Days kicked off Tuesday in Portage County. Some farmers say the hard work to bring it to central Wisconsin has paid off.

“Anything you want to see or know about farming it's here," said Peter Zakrzewski, the owner of Blue Top Farms in Portage County.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is a show some look forward to every year.

"People have said it's the super bowl of farming, it's kind of a big deal," said Ken Feltz, the owner of Feltz Farms in Portage County.

But this year's event means a lot more to Zakrzewski and Feltz. Their farms are co-hosting the event.

“Truly an honor that Portage County was hosting number one, and to have it be on both of our farms is truly an honor," said Zakrzewski.

The farmers had enough acres to host the show and were selected. They say it's something they're proud of.

"With all the people here, it's going to make a huge impact on both our community and the surrounding communities," said Zakrzewski.

Farmers say Wisconsin Technology Days is more than just a fun event, it shows just how important their profession is.

"We are the number one county in the state for vegetable production and that's what we really want to show folks is where their food comes from," said Zakrzewski.

Farmers from across the Midwest are noticing. Some say it also shows them what's next in agriculture.

"People can see how it's changing and what it costs to be in the business," said Robert Pieper of Preston, IA.

The hosts say the show took more than three years to put on. They say it's something they say they couldn't do without their family, including turning their farms into a statewide attraction.

"With their support you feel you can do anything," said Zakrzewski.

Organizers say they're expecting 80,000 people at Farm Technology Days this year. The event continues until Thursday.
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