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Poll workers make it count on Election Day


It took hundreds of workers to get the votes and count them in Tuesday's election.

One Wausau woman shares her story of why working a 14-hour day is inspiring.

Brenda McGrath is a familiar face at Wausau polling centers.

"I've done all the different stations and I feel it's very important to make it easy and even fun for the people who come," said McGrath.

She says she's worked about 10 elections. Her first was the Bush-Gore presidential race in 2000.

"But then I was just a beginner, so I was probably just a greeter," said McGrath.

Now, she's an election chief for the 1st and 2nd districts in southeast Wausau.

Her interest in elections and voting began decades ago when she first voted during the Carter election.

"Originally, I'm from England and I just was fascinated with the American way of voting and that's why I decided to get into it," said McGrath.

She eventually found herself working at the polls on Election Day.

"It's important to the country I'm an American citizen," said McGrath. "I love America and so that anything that happens in the country involves me and so anything to do to help, I do."

She says even if that means working a 14-hour day.

"You make it fun," said McGrath. "It's just a fun day of working getting together with fellow poll workers, so it's a long day, but it's a fun day."

She says it's fun to be a part of the elections, no matter how big or small the turnout.

"The ones that stand out are the big ones, but they're all important," said McGrath.

Mcgrath says she wants to help on Election Day as long as she can.

She says already has plans to work in November.


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