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Bieber fever sweeps Shawano County

SHAWANO (WAOW) - A Shawano County sheriff's candidate has defeated the incumbent in Tuesday night's election. The winner's campaign and name is gaining national attention.

Adam Bieber is running for sheriff in the county and won the primary election.

"They would ask if I was Justin Bieber's dad or his brother or cousin," said Bieber.

He beat Randy Wright, who was sheriff for two terms. He says his name could have helped or hurt him.

"Everybody in Shawano County or the city knows me, knows what my values are, know what I’m about, and I’m hoping they voted for me based on those values," said Bieber.

At first, he didn't think his name would matter in the campaign. Now, it's receiving national attention after a TMZ producer contacted him.

"He was asking about my website on Facebook and asked to take photos and wanted to do a story, and wanted to know if the Bieber last name helped or hurt my campaign," said Bieber.

People noticed, some from Florida and Ohio even wanted to buy his campaign signs.

Bieber says he gets plenty of jokes about his name.

"I’ll always joke and say well I’m the one that taught him to sing like a little girl," said Bieber.

He'd even like to meet the star someday.

"I’d try to give him some good advice as a father and as a coach," said Bieber.

But when you ask him to sing one of his songs, he says he'll stick to his day job.

"I don't know any Justin Bieber songs," said Bieber.

Wright wouldn't talk to Newsline 9 on camera, but he wanted to thank his supporters. Bieber will run uncontested in the general election in November.
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