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Man rides in 'Tour de Briq's'

WAUSAU (WAOW) - We've all heard of the Tour de France. How about the 'Tour de Briq's'?

A man is hitting the pavement on his bike, on a quest to hit every Briq's location in central Wisconsin.

"I rode all the way from Minocqua to Rhinelander to Merrill to here for my pounder cone, please."

It's a sweet trek across central Wisconsin.

"I've always dreamed of organizing a professional bicycle race that I could win and my dream was to start the 'Tour de Briq's,'" said Mark Blaubach.

Blaubach loves ice cream. He's using that love to get the wheels of his bike ride in motion.

"For every pound of ice cream you eat, they'd subtract 30 minutes from your time," said Blaubach. "But if you throw up, you're disqualified."

The former Wausau resident is hitting every Briq's ice cream shop in the area.

His journey began in Minocqua.

"I posted it on Facebook and I asked people to join me, so far no takers, but hey maybe next year," he said.

Blaubach's ride is just in time for a Briq's perk.

He says eating more than 100 pounds of ice cream comes with a reward only two days of the year.

"All the free ice cream I can eat," he said.

But the journey is about more than just a chilly treat.

"I started cycling about 13 years ago to lose weight," said Blaubach. "I'm about 120 pounds less now."

Blaubach says the key to his weight loss is staying active.

"That's why I ride," he said. "So I can eat a lot of the stuff I love to eat."

Blaubach's ride ends Thursday at the Briq's ice cream shop in Mosinee.

He'll cover nearly 160 miles.
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