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Epilepsy Stroll coming up in Wausau


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A simple stroll through Marathon Park can help raise money and awareness for Epilepsy.

The annual Stroll for Epilepsy is Saturday, August 16. The event is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin. Organizers say it brings together more than 100 people and their families that are affected with recurring seizures.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition which interrupts normal brain function and can cause uncontrolled muscle movements, unusual sensations, loss of consciousness and sometimes convulsive events. In addition to seizures, people may experience memory problems, learning disabilities, and mood disorders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that at least 2.3 million Americans have been diagnosed with epilepsy; 60,000 live here in Wisconsin.

You can register for the stroll by calling the Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin at (715) 341-5811 or online by clicking this link.

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