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Ice bucket challenge is soaking the nation

A new internet craze is really making a splash. The Ice Bucket Challenge raises money and awareness for ALS, also known as the Lou Gehrig's disease.

From Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers to Governor Scott Walker, people across the state and country have taken part in the challenge that's soaking the nation.

“It's just gone crazy, absolutely crazy,” said Melanie Bekos, executive director of Wisconsin ALS Association.

The challenge works like this, people get nominated to dump buckets of ice water on their head. If you do it, you donate $10 and nominate more people. If you don't do the challenge, you are asked to donate $100 to ALS. But, an ALS spokesperson says it's not so much the money that's donated, but the awareness of the disease that really makes a difference.

“We are so grateful, this disease is under funded and ignored,” explained Bekos.

The challenge started two weeks ago in Massachusetts. Pat Quinn helped start the internet sensation. Quinn has been living with the disease that impacts the brain and spinal chord, causing progressive paralysis.

"When you see celebrities and superstar athletes dumping ice buckets over their heads, it means we made it," said Quinn.

Now it's made its way to Wisconsin. In fact, ALS leaders say its already raised $12,000 in the badger state. They're expecting to hit $10 million nationwide by the weekend.

"It's time to be heard,” said Bekos.

We heard it here at Newsline 9. Our very own Justin Loew was nominated by WIFC radio DJ's Belky, Mike Mathers and Susan Kennedy. The chief meteorologist couldn't back down from the challenge.

“It's a neat cause, it's a good cause raising money for ALS,” said Loew after the challenge. “It was well worth it."

But Loew's job wasn't done. He still needed to challenge others!

“I challenge Dave Kallaway and Stacy Cole and Newsline 9 station manager Brad Heinkel," said Loew.

Kallaway and Heinkel completed the challenge. To find out who they nominated, click here to see the video.

For more information on ALS click here:

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