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Adams WWII vet receives 70-year-old medals in front of family

ADAMS, Wis. (WAOW) -- Seventy years after being honorably discharged, a World War II veteran has received the medals he earned.

Roger Roberts is a 97-year-old Adams County man whose son found a way to get him his medals at long last.

Sunday was the presentation ceremony, and for Roberts, it was as much about family as the five medals.

He remembers the day he got back from the war.

"They didn't even have a light in the depot when I got home," Roberts said.

"His brother was supposed to pick him up, and his brother's always late," said Judy Allen, Roberts' daughter.

He caught up with his brother a half mile down the road. He says his wife Julie was there.

When Roberts received his medals, he was thinking about his wife.

"Long time she's gone," he said. "Thirteen years. We got along pretty good."

Roberts shared the moment with Allen and his son Ken Roberts.

"I was pretty proud of him," Allen said. "He never talked about the service when we were kids. We knew he was in the army and we knew that he cooked. That's all he told us."

But memories from the war aren't what Roger Roberts wants to talk about. He'd rather poke fun at one of his daughter's embarrassing memories.

"She skipped Sunday school and took a ride," said Roberts. "She hit a bump and the road had a lot of big holes in it. She went in the ditch."

The Roberts family simply enjoys being together, and on Roger Roberts' special day, they wouldn't want to be with anyone else.

Ken Roberts says it's never too late for a veteran to receive his or her medals, even if the veteran has passed away.
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