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Outdoors with Lauren: 3D Bowshoot


The start to deer archery season starts on September 13th. On this weeks Outdoors with Lauren one local man has jump started preparations for season with a friendly competition. Every August Keith Spiegel hosts a 3D archery course, and this year 95 shooters took on the 20 target challenge.

While most people are sharpening their skills for bow hunting season. Avid outdoorsman Bob Wenta tells me this type of realistic course is much more beneficial in prepping for hunting season.

"With the season coming up, you're not just shooting in your yard on top of grass. It's realistic, you've got branches in the way and trees. Tight shots, and some are much farther than you think so it's good. It helps you judge your distances. If anything it tells you to back off and not take a shot until they're closer."

Walking the course through the woods helps simulate a real life hunt, and acts as an ethical hunting lesson as well.

"Just making sure people are good shots, so they're taking good humane shots at deer, understanding where their limitations are. Looking at the type of angels on the targets is important when you're hunting so you know you can take a good clean shot."

An all you can eat BBQ and door prizes at the end has this bow hunting community excited for the start of their favorite time of year.

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