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Golfers tee off against breast cancer at "Fore a Cure" tourney

SCHOFIELD (WAOW) -- For eleven years, golfers have taken a swing at one of the most common diseases for women--breast cancer.

The "Fore a Cure" tournament continued its proud tradition Monday at the Wausau Country Club.

With each swing of a club, there's a goal in mind.

"[Breast] cancer is a disease that I want to see get cured," said Ted Fox of Schofield.

Some people at the tournament like Fox have personal experience with the disease.

"Seventeen of us have had breast cancer," he said. "Of the seventeen, six have died from it."

"Since I was a little boy, she was always there and to see her suffer through it is very difficult as a grandson," said tournament host Bill Fonti.

That experience inspired Fonti and his brothers to start this event eleven years ago.

"It's near and dear to our hearts and trying to help females and save a life, if we can, every day," Fonti said.

In those 11 years, they've raised more than $1 million.

Marshfield Clinic officials say the money helped them screen 6,000 women for breast cancer last year alone.

"Early detection is what it's all about, and that's why we do our part to help out with early detection through these mobile units," said Fonti.

Using the mobile units mean women don't need to come in to the clinic for screenings.

"Having mammograms available in their community, at their place of employment, readily accessible for them takes away any barriers," said Marshfield Clinic chief development officer Teri Wilczek.

"They might be people out in the country that don't have a doctor at all," Fox said.

Some golfers say taking a day off work for this cause is a no-brainer.

"If we make more people aware of it, they start to maybe think about their health a little bit more, instead of saying, 'I'm not going to worry about it now, and I'm going to focus on it later," said Fox.

Organizers say they expect to raise about $160,000.

The money also goes toward helping Marshfield Clinic fight childhood diabetes.
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