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Wisconsin Rapids hit hard by storms


WIS. RAPIDS (WAOW)--One of the hardest hit areas by a storm that came through central Wisconsin early Monday morning was Wisconsin Rapids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Downed trees and power lines closed one of the busiest roads there.

 "A lot of the calls we were getting were for power, downed trees across the road, branches across the road, mostly due to the high winds," said Wisconsin Rapids Patrol Sergeant Todd Snyder.

Wisconsin Rapids came together to clear down trees and power lines Monday.

Lincoln High School had more than five trees to clean up.

Authorities were focused on cleaning the streets.

"Right now, we've got most the trees off the road and all the branches clear, so we're getting traffic moving back to normal," said Snyder.

One house in Wisconsin Rapids got a lot of attention.

The person who lives in a house on 16th Street was shaken up.

He told Newsline 9 he was an emotional wreck after three trees fell onto his roof, one piercing a window where his daughter usually sleeps.

She was asleep in the basement during the storm.

Contractors worked all day removing the thousands of pounds of wood that laid on top of the house.

Just next door, the Grube family considers themselves lucky.

They were woken by the strong storm.

"I told her get away from the windows and I went and checked on my other daughter and then it just died down and I thought everything was OK," said Wisconsin Rapids, Laurie Grube.

They have damage to some insulation, siding shingles and an item that Grube's daughters worked hard for: their trampoline.

"The girls saved up all of their money to buy it and of course it's not going to be covered, so I don't know what we are going to do about that yet," said Grube.

With all the damage, the neighborhood is optimistic about one thing.

"I'm just thankful everybody's okay and it's things that can be replaced," said Grube.

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