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Outdoors with Lauren: Women in the Outdoors


Every week I bring Newsline 9 viewers a new adventure. I always have a blast doing it, but my main goal is to inspire more women and children to get involved with the outdoors. On this weeks Outdoors with Lauren I bring you another organization with the same goal.

17 years running strong. The Women in the Outdoors event travels throughout the state with the main goal to introduce women to new hobbies.

Linda Hinz the event coordinator says, "Everything from canoeing to high ropes, trap shooting and pistols."

They even offer creative activities like crafts and photography. It is kind of like something for everyone to attract women and help introduce them to the joy of the outdoors. "If we dont' incorporate having young people, young women in outdoors activities, it will be just taken away from us."

It's never too soon or too late to begin an outdoors adventure, "We had ladies who were probably 70 years old to women in their 20's. For them, we had people who had never hunted before and never held a gun never shot a gun. Didn't know if hunting was for them or not. After it, we have them signed up for a learn to hunt."

For me, sunshine and fresh air is like a natural medicine. It began by just getting outside and it has evolved into a big part of my lifestyle.

"That's what it's all about is making a difference in people's lives."

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