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Dogs on goose patrol

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- Gaggles of geese are still making a mess in one area park. Stevens Point city leaders have come up with a unique way to scare them off the shore. Now, people are wondering who let the dogs out?

It's the latest effort to end fowl play at Pfiffiner Park.

“It seems it has worked over time, because as I sit here today, I even ate lunch, and the geese didn't bother me at all,” said Merida Houser.

Flocks of geese have invaded the shore and are making a mess once again.

“We have problems with them leaving their mark on the grass and people complained,” explained Parks and Recreation Director Tom Schrader.

The problem started two years ago. Geese were leaving a mess all over the park. So, the city enlisted the help of volunteers. They used hand-clappers to shoo the geese back into the water.

That worked for a little while, but it was time consuming and a little loud. So now, they've turned to dogs.

"We did some more research and found that cardboard cut-outs of dogs have worked," said Schrader.

Parks officials have placed cardboard dogs throughout the park. They seem to keep the geese at a distance.

“They are afraid of the dogs,” explained Schrader. “They get about 30 yards away and then they stop. We also put these little owls hanging in the trees that flow in the trees with the wind."

But, the city has run into a slight problem. Some of the dogs have run away. Parks officials say two out of the three dogs have been stolen. So, they were forced to come up with another solution.

“We took the third one back in and we bought some plastic and we're going to take it and use it as a silhouette and make new dogs," said Schrader.

So, pretty soon they'll be back on goose patrol.

Parks officials say the dogs cost about $25 each. But, they hope making their own will cut down on some costs. The dogs will be be put back out next week.

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