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Moving tips for new college students

Labor Day weekend means boating, barbecuing and relaxing. But, for many it also means moving.

Upperclassmen at UW-Stevens Point were taking the long weekend to get settled in. Some of them have a few tips for incoming students.

Jesse Short and his new roommate are moving in, again

"This one is already out, yeah lets do that,” said Short as he pulled a television stand from the back of his pickup truck and started it hauling it toward his new apartment.

“I'd say I definitely know my way around moving days," said Short.

This is the fourth time the UWSP junior has hauled his futon. He's a pro at television stands, and he can navigate his way around a packed car.

“It's a lot of back and forth,” said Short.

Because of his expertise, we asked short for a few tips for a seamless moving day.

“Learn to be efficient hoarders where you can pack food into clothes bags and stuff like that, or fit things in your pots and pans,” said Short.

Some freshman learned that the hard way. Thursday marked new student orientation. About 1,600 freshman flooded the dorms with clothes, furniture and excitement.

“I feel bad for a couple of them but they have parents and the football team helping out so it's nice to get everyone in point involved in the moving day,” said Short.

On Sunday, the rest of the student body will file in. Short says there's a couple things to remember.

"Keep it to one day and try to get it done within an hour or two if you can so you have plenty of time to hang out with friends before classes start," said Short.

Because, he says, while moving day can be a hassle, it's also the beginning of something great.

“It's kind of like a new adventure, a new start to a new school year and a new start to your life," he said.

Classes at UWSP start on Tuesday.

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