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Packers comment on controversy in NFL


The Packers have stayed out of the headlines when it comes to any unacceptable behavior or unwanted attention. Head coach Mike McCarthy says they plan to keep it that way.

Every year before the NFL draft Ted Thompson reminds Packer nation that the franchise drafts on character first, athletic ability second. With the controversy that has taken over the NFL, the Packers say it's a perfect example of why player character matters.

McCarthy says, "Anytime you have something happen in our society or in our league, that brings a focus whether it's within or from the outside. It's important to check your mail."

Aaron Rodgers says, "It's a reminder that our game is very popular and we represent a lot of people every time that we are out and about, on the field or in the facility. We have to think about the people whose lives we can touch or make worse by our actions, and just a good reminder the past couple of weeks."

With this black cloud over the NFL Clay Matthews says there is one simple step that can be taken to make sure that the Packers stay out of it. "Don't do it! It's not really a point of discussion in this locker room, obviously because we've managed to steer clear of all fo that. If you take anything away from it, just ask like a responsible adult. "

Rodgers says he's disappointed because a lot of their players are doing good things, but it's getting overshadowed by the mistakes of others.

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