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Locals celebrate the fall season in Wausau


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Fall is a favorite season for many Wisconsin families.

Some celebrate the season with an annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

"Our motto is building families, creating traditions," says Dennis Griffin, the owner of Willow Springs Garden. "In fact, we get people who come back every year."

Griffin says fall is a beautiful season, but the cold weather often discourages families from enjoying it.

"A lot of fathers come out here kind of impatient because they want to get home to watch the Packer's game," Griffin explains, "But they come out of the corn maze and they're all relaxed, laughing and smiling."

While some enjoy the fall season in corn mazes, others celebrate in the water.

Over 70 kayakers from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota travel to Wausau to play in the Wisconsin River rapids.

"It's a really a great space, great time, great people," says Matthew Wood, a kayaker from Minneapolis.

Erin Achatz stands out from the crowd of kayakers as one of the youngest paddlers on the river. The thirteen-year-old from Wausau says cold weather does not bother her. "It's nice," Achatz said, [today] might be a little windy."

According to the kayakers, fall is the perfect time to practice their sport. They say rapid levels are ideal, and the view is great.

Alan Smith visited Wisconsin from Minneapolis. Smith says, "Wisconsin has some beautiful rivers and when you're on them they're even more beautiful."

Despite their differences, kayakers and garden enthusiasts can agree on one thing. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're picking pumpkins or rolling in rapids. All that matters is that you enjoyed the season.

Kayakers say they plan on continuing to paddle into November.

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