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Granite Peak Ski Resort opens for fall ride


RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) -- Granite Peak Ski Resort opened up today to give people an opportunity to view the fall colors in a one-of-a-kind way.

Operators say, the Fall Color Sky Ride tradition started with a vision.

"It was just an idea that started about ten years ago," explained lift operations manager, Brandon Marquardt. "It's gained a lot of popularity ever since."

Lisa Liesenfelder, an office assistant at Granite Peaks says the ride is, "A nice way to look at the leaves, the colors. Get a nice birds eye view of [the area]."

Ten years ago, Granite Peak opened up a chair lift designed for the Fall Color Sky Ride. Ever since, people from all over Wisconsin have lined up for their chance to see fall in a whole new way.

Some people come for a relaxing date. Other people come to enjoy the scenery.

Operators say, close to one thousand people visit on warm days.

Visitors say, riding above orange, yellow and red trees is a perfect way to enjoy the weather before winter hits.

"The days are getting shorter," explained first time visitor Phillis Semingson. "It's nice to see everyone out enjoying themselves."

Granite Peak employees say visitors who are used to riding in the winter can expect a few differences. The main differences being that the weather is warmer and the chair lift runs a little slower.

The Fall Color Sky Ride at Granite Peak runs weekends 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. through October 12. The ride costs nine dollars.

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