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Gas prices differing from city to city in central Wis.


WAUSAU (WAOW)--Prices are plunging at the pump.

"The cheaper the gas the better I feel," said Stan Olejniczak from Schofield.

But Theresa Schulta knows prices are better just miles away.

She drove to Appleton this weekend and says she filled up a couple times with gas that was close to $3.00 even.

She took advantage of the prices and ran errands near the cheaper gas.

"I could have filled up I don't know how many times," Schulta said.

This change in prices from one city to the next is confusing to some.

We looked at cities surrounding central Wisconsin and saw some big changes.

The average in Wisconsin is $3.14 a gallon and the national average is at $3.09.

A petroleum annalist from Gasbuddy.Com says the difference in prices can be attributed to logistics.

"Where the fuel is coming from and where it's being received," said Gregg Laskoski. "Very often we see price differences from one whole-seller to another."

Laskoski says prices are plunging due to supply and demand.

"The amount of fuel produced in 2014 is the highest level that we have seen since 1986 and at the same time consumer demand for gasoline is not growing at the same rate," said Laskoski.

More people are buying cars that are better on gas making fewer trips to the pump.

As for Schulta, she says she hopes prices continue to fall.

"A little bit more money to spend on something else especially with the holidays coming up," said Schulta.

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