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Wisconsin candidates for governor respond to attack ads


(WAOW) -- The race for Wisconsin governor has been heated from the start. The final weeks leading up to Election Day have gotten even hotter.

Both Governor Scott Walker (R) and his challenger, Mary Burke (D), have put out television ads attacking their opponent.

"It shouldn't have to be this way but unfortunately when people throw punches sometimes you got to punch back. And I'm not going to just let these lies stand without responding to them," said Mary Burke.

"I think part of the reason why the trending of the polls are going our way is the people have seen past the attack ads. They've seen the ads of our opponents that are false," said Walker.

One ad sponsored by a third party portrays Burke as being unemployable.

Burke responded by saying the ad is "based on complete lies by a guy who was fired from Trek based on incompetence. It's frankly desperate attacks."

An ad sponsored by the Burke campaign links Walker to the image of a Nazi swastika.

"When I talk to people in big crowds about all the ads on TV, they're sick of the attack ads. They love my ads sitting on the couch talking to people," said Walker.

And neither candidate admits, they are campaigning with attacks.

"That's not the type of politics that I play. We need to make sure we bring people together in this state," said Burke.

"They want to hear what we're for, not what we're against. Our opponents are talking about what they're against. We're talking about what we're for," said Walker.

These attack ads won't be around for much longer. When Election Day comes to an end, so will the ads.

Both candidates will be working hard and campaigning in full force through Election Day.

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