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Getting in shape for hunting season

Hunting season is just around the corner.

Marshfield Clinic has set up an entire blog devoted to keeping hunters safe, called "Couch to Deer Camp." The blog is a series of videos and articles of easy exercises and nutrition tips to help deer hunters get ready for deer season.

"Well if you have a more sedentary job, it's really important that you start getting those muscles in tune, so you want to improve on your flexibility and you've got to get used to working on those uneven surfaces," said Dr. Laurel Rudolph, the director of sports medicine at Marshfield Clinic.

Warming up before strenuous activity is important, said physical therapist, Aaron Homolka.

"It's important to do an active warm-up, get your blood flowing, and get your muscles moving," Homolka said.

He also explained that keeping your muscles strong is another important part of staying fit.

"Whether it's hunting, shoveling your driveway, or maybe pushing your car out of the snowy ditch, you've got to stay strong," said Homolka.

Homolka suggests doing wall squats and push-ups to strengthen your muscles.

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