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D.C. Everest High School senior organizes lunch boycott


SCHOFIELD (WAOW) -- Some D.C. Everest High School students are organizing a school lunch boycott because they say the menu leaves them hungry.

Meghan Hellrood, the high school senior organizing the boycott, says she wants to send a message to Washington about school lunches. She has gotten national attention and appeared on Fox News.

Hellrood says, the boycott has nothing to do with her school. She says the boycott is about changing the "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act."

The federal act was implemented in 2010 to make sure students get balanced and nutritious meals.

The D.C. Everest High School senior says her peers are not happy with their lunches.

She says, the regulated meals leave students hungry and with limited options.

"We're high schoolers, why are we being told what we can and cannot eat?" said Hellrood.

Hellrood says the movement started with some research. She started looking into the "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act" and says she didn't like what she learned.

We were unable to speak with staff at D.C. Everest, but we got in contact with, Tim English, a USDA regional food and nutrition administrator.

He says the school lunches are carefully selected to give students the nutrition they need to succeed in the classroom.

"We've been working to make school meals healthy," explained English. "So students have been receiving more whole grains, more lean proteins, more fruits and vegetables and less fats and sugars."

English says, meals are a change for students, and change can be difficult. He says in time, students can accept the changes and actually prefer them.

Hellrood says she's been advertising the boycott around the school.

"I've been putting up posters in the school bathrooms. We have a Facebook page," said Hellrood.

She says she's sticking to her movement despite some negative feedback.

"We're just hoping this will be like a grassroots effort and we can get other students in other states involved," said Hellrood.

The boycott is scheduled to take place next Thursday.

Hellrood says she and some friends will pack lunches for students who rely on free or reduced meals.

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